With Lorraine All Day

LorraineFrontWith Lorraine All  Day by Kristen Orser

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Poetry | 108 pages | ISBN  978-1-4675-9898-9 | List Price: $9.00 | ADP Price: $7.00 | Add on GoodReads!

“There is no poet more expert in manipulating language than Kristen Orser. In “Lorraine,” she strings together fragments like popcorn or lace, like anything worth using to decorate. There is a marriage, a winter, a grasping at combination. There is the loss of something unidentified but alternatingly felt. Joined in the body, this poem is your fullest and emptiest feelings and, a treasure, how you never knew they’d been woven inside words. An absolutely stunning–perfect–first collection.” -Kat Dixon, author of Temporary Yes and Here/Other

“Kristen Orser’s poems are like peering in through a keyhole into an unfolded landscape–a view so slight but so suggestive, so filled with aching promise, so totally familiar are the memories your eyes grasp to connect to. The way a good book looks through your eyes into your brain.” -Russell Jaffe, author of This Super Doom I Aver