Roller Girls Love Bobby Knight

RollerCoverRoller Girls Love Bobby Knight by Michael Wayne Hampton

Winner of the 2013 Deerbird Novella Prize

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Fiction | ISBN 978-1495111204 | List Price: $10.00 | ADP Price: $8.00 | Add on GoodReads

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Jenny’s mother is off again, chasing her man and a classic Gibson guitar, so she’s left to stay in Eastern Kentucky with her strong-minded sister who’s working to create the kind of world she wants (one filled with rockabilly and roller derby) down in the hills. Until her mother comes back, Jenny has to learn who she is, how love works, and how to bring a man to heel.

“Michael Wayne Hampton’s Roller Girls Love Bobby Knight is a fierce, hilarious bruise-fest of a novella. A man has no right to know this much about women—the way they think and feel and talk about sex, music, rollerblading, “Hell Yeah” men, and the aesthetics of competitive girl brawls. But Hampton does know, and his knowledge is equal parts funny, scary, and tender.  Beneath its shimmery, crack-you-up tour de force exterior swims a love story about a sexy, hard-scrabble mother and her two renegade daughters, breaking hearts, knocking heads, and taking no prisoners.  Hampton’s got talent to burn, and these roller girls burn, burn, burn.”

—K. L. Cook, author of Love Songs for the Quarantined and Last Call

“Equal parts tent revival preacher and cage match announcer, Michael Wayne Hampton dives inside the raucous, twanged-up world of DIY roller derby to find the kick-drum heart of contemporary rural Kentucky in his lively love letter to sisterhood, community, and good old-fashioned ass-kicking. Buckle up, girls and boys—Roller Girls Love Bobby Knight is hell on wheels.”

—Erin Keane, author of Demolition of the Promised Land