Daddy Cool

Daddy Cool_CoverDaddy Cool: An Anthology of Writing by Fathers for and About Kids

edited by Ben Tanzer


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Anthology | 272 pages | ISBN 9781467563062 | Add on Goodreads!




Being a dad doesn’t mean you have to be a square. No one proves that more than the writers in Daddy Cool. Edited by Ben Tanzer, this anthology features over twenty dads writing for and about kids. This book is unlike any other, spanning all age groups, it’s a treasure to share with the whole family, and to span your child’s entire life.

Featuring fiction, nonfiction, and poetry by Ben Tanzer, Ryan W. Bradley, Mark R. Brand, Nik Korpon, Caleb J. Ross, Corey Mesler, C.L. Bledsoe, Nathan Holic, Robert Arellano, J.A. Tyler, bl pawelek, Jason Fisk, Matthew Salesses, Seth Berg, Robert Duffer, Dave Housely, Dan Coxon, Fred Sasaki, John Barrios, Tom Williams, Davis Schneiderman, Patrick Wensink, William Walsh, Brian Carr, Mike Smolarek, James Claffey, Joseph G. Peterson, Sean Beaudoin, Greg Santos, Richard Thomas, and Peter Anderson